Jake Thomas

Hollywood star Jake Thomas was born at January 30, 1990, and is most known for his role in the television show Lizzie Mcguire. He also played roles in the movies; The Cell, Artificial Intelligence, Soccer dog 2, Christmas Vacation 2, Dinocroc, and Monster night. He just finished filming the movie Aces and Eights and is currently filming the movie "The Assignment". He also made an impressive appearance in the tv show Without a Trace, and had a guest role in hit-serie ER. Have a look at his demo reel video

Even with his busy schedule he always made time for his fans. Not only does he answer to fan mail, he also keeps contact with his friends over the internet. At first, he was using Yahoo Groups to use the forum and chat room to talk with his friends, and answer questions only he did know. However, after the chat room was closed for members under 16, Jake Thomas looked for another solution so he could keep contact with his fans.

After creating a chat room to replace the chat room in Yahoo Groups, both Jake Thomas and his management got convinced that it was better to move away from Yahoo Groups, and ask for a professional web design by Webstyle Center.

JakeThomasWebsiteJake Thomas
A website created and styled for a Hollywood teen actor Jake Thomas. This seven time nominated Hollywood actor wants to keep in contact with his fans, trough a forum and chat room. We helped them to make that possible. With our good moderation the chat room and forum is a great place for both the fan as actor himself.


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Youtube is for everyone, we are for the directors that want to make real movies. Upload and share your short films with I Shot It. You also can learn usefull tips while sharing your videos from Jake Thomas and other directors.


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