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The latest browsers

In the past few months there have ben alot of talking about new browsers and their new functionality, but what makes these browsers so important for your daily surfing?

An important thing of a webbrowser is that it displays every website like it should be. The best way to do that, is by following the web standards. However, some browsers did not really care about the importantance of those standards, untill 1,5 years ago, when Firefox became popular.

Firefox started to read the web like the webstandard told them to, and because of it's popularity, webdesigners needed to change there websites also accourding to those standards. More browsers came, but Internet Explorer was left behind.

With Firefox 3 released, and with almost more Firefox users then Internet Explorer users, it was time for Microsoft to bring a new browser that finally browse like it should be. But if they improve enough to get those Firefox users back? We don't really think so.

However, we do think people won't stuck themselves with Firefox either. With Google Chrome just released a few days ago, this browser is already showing amazing things, on it's first beta release. With nice Winodws Vista WPF effects and a new way to handle things, with a clean layout, we think that his browser makes many people interested to give it a try. And with that, those Firefox users might be convinced to use this new browser, and Internet Explorer users might too.

With this browser was happening right now, it's important as webdesigner to make sure that the websites work on all these browsers. We will make sure that all the website will keep working like it should be, and that we make use of the advantace of those new browsers when enough people are using it. But one thing is for sure, a good browser application was as never as important as it is right now.





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