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Take a Wok website released!

Sometimes Webstyle Center works on website’s that are not connected with webdesign for actors or artsist. Today Webstyle Center released an website for an restaurant in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, where people can eat fast-food from a wok.

The website that we made for Take a Wok helps the restaurant to get more customers. Introducting yourself on the internet is the most important thing these days, since every person looks on the internet for information before it really goes to a place. They want to know if the restaurant is decent, interesting, what they can expect, and want to know why they should be going to that restaurant, and not the one next door.

With an unique up-to-date design, we made sure that those visitors looking for information are able to find the thing they want to know, and get to see everything about the restaurant in the first few seconds. A first impression is very important, and since we are using photos from the restaurant and even an video, visitors can feel that they are very welcome and they can enjoy their stay at the Take a Wok restaurant.

With an quick overview on all the information about the restaurant, and a direct view on how it looks at the inside makes sure when people visit this site, they want to visit the restaurant.

The English version of the site is soon available, Dutch visitors can go to:





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