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New website for Jake Thomas released

Webstyle Center proud to announce that the new website for Jake Thomas has been launched! With an totally new design and setup, Jakeís website is up-to-date with the latest info, and the latest techniques to display that info in a nice way.

The new site focuses more on Jake's career, and how to communicate with him. Directors are able to just click on demo reel or there interesting subject and read what is most interesting for them.

For fans we have made a similar experience. With just one click they can communicate with other fans or send their own question to Jake Thomas himself! The member section is no longer the most go through page to access the forum, chat room and Question & Answer. This because we made the forum, Q&A public for all visitors. This means you donít need to login to read the latest answers or forum posts. Only when you want to access the chat room, or send something, only then you need to login.

With pictures all over the website promoting Jakeís career, and making the communications wide open, we think the site will bring lotís of more visitors and fans for Jake Thomas.

Besides all new features, the website is cleaned up, old info has been removed, the website will be more easy to handle, and work on all computers in all scenarios. The site comes to every W3C validation, what means all standards are being used without any errors, what means the site runs the same as it would run on Windows 95, as on Vista, Mac or Linux.

We hope you all like the new website, and if you have any comments, we sure like to hear them!





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