Web Design for actors, artists and managers

Webstyle Center is a web design service specific for actors, artists and managers. We make the sites attractive for fans, directors and producers. With a short amount of pictures we make a website that fits with your character and what you do. A design based on you not only makes the site look nice, it also represents you in the way you are best.

We can build two kind of sites for you. We can build a portfolio website that represents you, and informs visitors about you and your career. If directors are interested in you, they know how to contact your managers, while fans read the latest news about your new appearances.

If you wish to have more than just a portfolio, we can create a interactive website that not only informs fans and directors, but also entertains visitors in a way that fits with your character. Fans wish to be able to have any kind of contact with their fans, and we are able to make that possible. With a forum, chatroom and Question & Answer makes your site the place to be for fans.

If you're interested in an portfolio website or interactive design, we only need to know some basics and we can talk further on what we can do for you:





Bob ThomasBob Thomas
A portfolio website created for this Hollywood actor, highest rated country music announcher for 25 years & owner of Talent Management company, Paradise Management

JakeThomasWebsiteJake Thomas
A website created and styled for a Hollywood teen actor Jake Thomas. This seven time nominated Hollywood actor wants to keep in contact with his fans, trough a forum and chat room. We helped them to make that possible. With our good moderation the chat room and forum is a great place for both the fan as actor himself.


SportsFanPodcastsSports Fan Podcasts
A webpage to upload your podcast about your favorite team! Over 140 team sites all working together with just one system. A easy to manage configuration panel making it easy to manage. This with a nice web 2.0 layout for (famous) podcasters.


ishotitI shot It
Youtube is for everyone, we are for the directors that want to make real movies. Upload and share your short films with I Shot It. You also can learn usefull tips while sharing your videos from Jake Thomas and other directors.


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